Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Muse - Great band, great times.

So, as we mentioned in our previous post, we are getting very open minded in terms of genres (music) making every new post to vary a bit from the previous one.
This time we will be talking about a really great band many of us know called Muse.
Muse is a british band (yeaaah, british for those who don’t know) formed during the early 90´s but achieving mainstream fame during the early 2000’s. We can tell that muse is band that has considerably evolved in time due to its various amounts of influences found in their music.
We can say that Muse began as a very typical british band (no offense, british music is great as hell) but with a very unique sound and style since its beginning. As soon as they achieved fame, they began experimenting with various sounds, more specifically new instruments. The mastery of this instruments opened new creative doors to them, giving the ability to produce great masterpieces almost instantly in every single released in every album.
For those of you who don’t know the band (we expect very few readers), we really recommend for you to go and search some videos and download some albums (legally please…). We can assure you’ll like the band.

 We're pretty sure you've listened to this EPIC song in Guitar Hero III, for those who play of course. *We add this video and not the original because this is just awesome.*(album: Black Holes and Revelations)

This one is a new one, from past years "The Second Law", which is indeed a very cool album.

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