Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Muse - Great band, great times.

So, as we mentioned in our previous post, we are getting very open minded in terms of genres (music) making every new post to vary a bit from the previous one.
This time we will be talking about a really great band many of us know called Muse.
Muse is a british band (yeaaah, british for those who don’t know) formed during the early 90´s but achieving mainstream fame during the early 2000’s. We can tell that muse is band that has considerably evolved in time due to its various amounts of influences found in their music.
We can say that Muse began as a very typical british band (no offense, british music is great as hell) but with a very unique sound and style since its beginning. As soon as they achieved fame, they began experimenting with various sounds, more specifically new instruments. The mastery of this instruments opened new creative doors to them, giving the ability to produce great masterpieces almost instantly in every single released in every album.
For those of you who don’t know the band (we expect very few readers), we really recommend for you to go and search some videos and download some albums (legally please…). We can assure you’ll like the band.

 We're pretty sure you've listened to this EPIC song in Guitar Hero III, for those who play of course. *We add this video and not the original because this is just awesome.*(album: Black Holes and Revelations)

This one is a new one, from past years "The Second Law", which is indeed a very cool album.

We are back (We hope the blog forgives us...)

So… it’s been quite a looong time since we don’t post absolutely anything in our blog.
After making a very serious statistic study to our audience (just checked page views), we realized that one of the posts you visited the most was the one of The big Four, so we decided to keep on posting stuff (even though there’s no apparent relationship between the post and the decision).
Before we keep on with the posting, we will clarify: the topics we will be talking about will be varying every time and we hope they receive a positive reception from a varied audience (respect).
Please contribute to the blog by commenting whatever you think may help us.

We promise we will post whenever we have time...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just For Fun...


Today we will talk of a great post thrash metal band: Pantera. Pantera was a metal band that became famous in the late 80's during a wave of thrash bands. Pantera had a very unique sound, based on complex drum sets, heavily distorted guitars and a great bass. Other characteristic of this band is Phil Anselmo which provided loud semi hardcore metal almost death metal screams. The band came to an end in the 90's, just when it had acquired a great mainstream metal recognition. It all ended when a "fan" shot twice in the back of the head guitarrist Dimebag Darrell with a shotgun.

Here are some of the bands most popular songs.

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Call Of Duty: Zombies- Five

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planetary Go! - Gran Turismo 5

Even though the game is a bit old, some of us still enjoy Gran Turismo 5. The first time we played this game, we thought it was going to be boring, but it resulted to be the opposite. The first surprise this game brought us was that one of My Chemical Romance songs was included in the game, and was part of the official trailer. Obviously as fans of this band, we could'nt actually believe what we were listening to as we played the game. So for those of you who do'nt know the game or the song, here's the video. Believe us the combination of such a great band as MCR and this incredible racing simulator match perfectly.